Vigilantes, or Peacekeepers?

It seems that Attorney General, Eric Holder is now operating on a different set of laws then America is used to seeing. Black on white crime goes relatively unpunished. The Mainstream Media doesn’t even report it anymore. Illegal immigrants come out in the open and stage demonstrations demanding citizenship and remain untouched by law enforcement. American citizens such as ranchers on our southern border, are murdered, shot at, and suffer damage to their property on the American side of the border, but the feds can’t be bothered? What happened to the Minuteman Militia who volunteered their time and risked their own safety to try to help our border patrol catch illegals sneaking into our country?

Do you suppose that the media, the progressives, the radical communist race groups like La Raza managed to intimidate, (maybe even threaten) the Minutemen into quietly disappearing? How come the New Black Panther members are allowed to intimidate potential voters at polling places with batons, yet aren’t prosecuted when video evidence is provided as indisputable evidence against them? Why did Holder drop the case against the Panthers when they had already been found guilty? How come Holder refuses to prosecute gangs of young black thugs (both male and female) of hate crimes when they savagely attack, and either injure, or kill whites as they spew hate racial words out of their mouths?

Maybe it is time for non-blacks to start forming ARMED citizen patrols to protect our own people ourselves? Maybe it is time to resurrect the Minute men, only legally ARMED this time to protect no only the lives and property of Americans on our southern border, but to help forcibly stop the influx of illegal aliens, and  drug dealers, from overrunning our country? If Obama and Holder refuse to enforce the “settled laws” of our land then maybe it should be up to us to do it for them. We have the power in this country to make citizens arrest when we see our laws being broken and no law enforcement around. Can the right of SELF DEFENSE be considered vigilante activity if it is performed to protect the life and property of American citizens?

Oh by the way Mr Holder,  we, lawful gun owners would like to thank you for making the case of the importance of our Second Amendment rights so crystal clear to all of America. By you not making the black on white violence in this country a priority of law enforcement, you have shown how great the need for self protection is in this country, especially the need for concealed carry. A well trained person, with a legal CWL is able to stop situations that could result in the injury, or death of innocent persons. Our lives may not be that important to you black gentlemen in Washington, but they are to us. We will not allow fear to rule our lives, or our streets. You don’t have enough law enforcement personnel to protect the people in this country, and that’s the dirty little secret that you refuse to admit to the citizens of America, but then again, we already know that. Are you going to handle the situation Mr Obama, Mr Holder?, or do you need us to do it for you?


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