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Obama lied???OMG!

Most politicians lie at one time or another, but when the President of the United States does it BLATANTLY it causes something different to ripple through our nation. The President is the man, we believe is responsible for keeping us, our children, and our country safe from harm, however when the President betrays the trust of the American people it sends a ripple of uncertainty through our nation that is felt in every corner of every state in our nation. I don’t believe Obama, or his advisers, understand what they have done. Obama repeated a statement over 27 times that he KNEW was a lie and when caught, all he can do is offer an insincere, half-assed apology, that means absolutely nothing.

Obama has committed, or allowed crimes to be committed by himself, his administration, and other departments of the federal government that would have sent other men through impeachment and to prison without hesitation, but because Obama is BLACK , he slips through the fingers of justice with impunity!

Fast & Furious, Benghazi, NSA, the IRS targeting of Obama’s political oppopnents, arming the Syrian rebels and sending money to Al Queda, which is treason, don’t seem to seem to be enough to hold him accountable. Is it because he is the first BLACK president that we believe he is untouchable? Even our president should never be above the laws of our land. If we no longer have “justice for all” then we have nothing! Wake up America, before it is too late. My wife, and I would rather die on our feet as free people then to live on our knees in slavery, and shame!