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Obamacare is doomed…by Obamacare!

Obama said that 18-34 year olds had to sign up in droves to the tune of at least 7 MILLION to have enough money to fund older, sicker, Americans. Obama then said that young adults could stay on their parents insurance until they were 26 whoops?? So you’ve eliminated all the 18-26 year olds, and created a huge gap right off the bat. Obama also took $750 BILLION out of MEdicare as seed money for Obamacare and another $300 BILLION was either taken out again, or will be shortly. The way Obama is justifying this TRILLION dollar theft is by DECREASING the reimbursement rates to doctors and hospitals. Which means that fewer doctors and health care facilities are going to be willing to see Medicare, or Medicaid patients.

I’m hearing about deductibles going up, co-pays going up, and policies being issued with a myriad of coverages that most people don’t need. Obama, Dr Ezekiel Emanuel, and the other “architects” of Obamacare seem to think that a “one size fits all” approach is the best way to cover everyone, without regard to cost. I sold life, health, and accident insurance once and it didn’t work that way then, and it won’t work that way now! The system is now going to be expected to cover people who hvae major preexisting conditions, financed by healthy people who don’t feel they can either support the burden of the price of healthcare, or simply reject it out of hand. 

The REAL question that hasn’t been asked yet is who is going to pay the cost of the Baby Boomers now starting to retire and will be for the next twenty years? Who is responsible for financially keeping the program financed when the birth rate hasn’t kept up with the aging population in America? The progressives with the “bigger government is better agenda have just proven, with the rollout of Obamacare, and the senseless cancellation of tens of millions of health insurance policies with no replacements in sight, and no way for money to be credited to the people who do pay, that big government has no idea of how to conduct the people’s business. Besides, didn’t the Supreme Court rule Obamacare a TAX? How is a tax supposed to reform healthcare in America? I guess Obama’s lying didn’t start with, nor end with, you can keep your insurance…period!