Utterly Immature Boy-King!

Barrack  Insane Obama has now proven that he is clinically delusional to all the world. Obama believes, and has been seen and heard on video to say that he IS allowed to do, or say anything that wants to as president??

Obama believes that he can arbitrarily change laws as he sees fit and enforce ONLY those laws that he agrees with. Go after his “enemies” (anyone who opposes his policies) using the NSA, IRS, FBI, or even Homeland Security as his personal enforcers. Obama doesn’t believe in taking the blame for things that go wrong in his administration…it’s everyone else’s fault because he doesn’t know what is going on in his own government. He claims NOT to know until he reads the papers, or sees what his administration is doing on T.V.

Obama is under the influence of an Iranian born Muslim named Valerie Jarrett,who seems hell bent on playing an immature political game of setting ambushes all over the place in the hopes of making Republicans look bad for making necessary decisions in helping the average American citizens. Obama no longer cares, and probably never did, about what is good, and right, and decent about America. His only concern is how to tear it down, and punish America for its’ perceived sins, at least in his eyes.

Obama is pitting one group of people (blacks vs whites, and everyone else) whites against Hispanics because we will NOT accept amnesty for illegal aliens. Jews against everyone else, atheists against Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Catholics, and any other religious sects.

Obama is against ANYONE who demands adherence to our laws and Constitution. Basically Obama, Reid, Pelosi and all the progressives in D.C., and around the country, are against anyone who will not give them their way. Obama needs to look in the mirror, and listen to the lies he tells in order to deceive the American people. Instead of blaming Fox News, the Tea Party. and God-fearing, country loving patriots  for his falling poll numbers, he needs to grown up and learn personal responsibility, or vacate the premises. The world has gotten much more dangerous having such an inept, spineless, irresponsible  boy-king for a president. The bigger problem is that China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Al Qaeda, and the Muslim Brotherhood aren’t playing games, and are NOT afraid of America, or it’s spineless leader anymore.


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