Obamacare is doomed…by Obamacare!

Obama said that 18-34 year olds had to sign up in droves to the tune of at least 7 MILLION to have enough money to fund older, sicker, Americans. Obama then said that young adults could stay on their parents insurance until they were 26 whoops?? So you’ve eliminated all the 18-26 year olds, and created a huge gap right off the bat. Obama also took $750 BILLION out of MEdicare as seed money for Obamacare and another $300 BILLION was either taken out again, or will be shortly. The way Obama is justifying this TRILLION dollar theft is by DECREASING the reimbursement rates to doctors and hospitals. Which means that fewer doctors and health care facilities are going to be willing to see Medicare, or Medicaid patients.

I’m hearing about deductibles going up, co-pays going up, and policies being issued with a myriad of coverages that most people don’t need. Obama, Dr Ezekiel Emanuel, and the other “architects” of Obamacare seem to think that a “one size fits all” approach is the best way to cover everyone, without regard to cost. I sold life, health, and accident insurance once and it didn’t work that way then, and it won’t work that way now! The system is now going to be expected to cover people who hvae major preexisting conditions, financed by healthy people who don’t feel they can either support the burden of the price of healthcare, or simply reject it out of hand. 

The REAL question that hasn’t been asked yet is who is going to pay the cost of the Baby Boomers now starting to retire and will be for the next twenty years? Who is responsible for financially keeping the program financed when the birth rate hasn’t kept up with the aging population in America? The progressives with the “bigger government is better agenda have just proven, with the rollout of Obamacare, and the senseless cancellation of tens of millions of health insurance policies with no replacements in sight, and no way for money to be credited to the people who do pay, that big government has no idea of how to conduct the people’s business. Besides, didn’t the Supreme Court rule Obamacare a TAX? How is a tax supposed to reform healthcare in America? I guess Obama’s lying didn’t start with, nor end with, you can keep your insurance…period!





Obama lied???OMG!

Most politicians lie at one time or another, but when the President of the United States does it BLATANTLY it causes something different to ripple through our nation. The President is the man, we believe is responsible for keeping us, our children, and our country safe from harm, however when the President betrays the trust of the American people it sends a ripple of uncertainty through our nation that is felt in every corner of every state in our nation. I don’t believe Obama, or his advisers, understand what they have done. Obama repeated a statement over 27 times that he KNEW was a lie and when caught, all he can do is offer an insincere, half-assed apology, that means absolutely nothing.

Obama has committed, or allowed crimes to be committed by himself, his administration, and other departments of the federal government that would have sent other men through impeachment and to prison without hesitation, but because Obama is BLACK , he slips through the fingers of justice with impunity!

Fast & Furious, Benghazi, NSA, the IRS targeting of Obama’s political oppopnents, arming the Syrian rebels and sending money to Al Queda, which is treason, don’t seem to seem to be enough to hold him accountable. Is it because he is the first BLACK president that we believe he is untouchable? Even our president should never be above the laws of our land. If we no longer have “justice for all” then we have nothing! Wake up America, before it is too late. My wife, and I would rather die on our feet as free people then to live on our knees in slavery, and shame!

Vigilantes, or Peacekeepers?

It seems that Attorney General, Eric Holder is now operating on a different set of laws then America is used to seeing. Black on white crime goes relatively unpunished. The Mainstream Media doesn’t even report it anymore. Illegal immigrants come out in the open and stage demonstrations demanding citizenship and remain untouched by law enforcement. American citizens such as ranchers on our southern border, are murdered, shot at, and suffer damage to their property on the American side of the border, but the feds can’t be bothered? What happened to the Minuteman Militia who volunteered their time and risked their own safety to try to help our border patrol catch illegals sneaking into our country?

Do you suppose that the media, the progressives, the radical communist race groups like La Raza managed to intimidate, (maybe even threaten) the Minutemen into quietly disappearing? How come the New Black Panther members are allowed to intimidate potential voters at polling places with batons, yet aren’t prosecuted when video evidence is provided as indisputable evidence against them? Why did Holder drop the case against the Panthers when they had already been found guilty? How come Holder refuses to prosecute gangs of young black thugs (both male and female) of hate crimes when they savagely attack, and either injure, or kill whites as they spew hate racial words out of their mouths?

Maybe it is time for non-blacks to start forming ARMED citizen patrols to protect our own people ourselves? Maybe it is time to resurrect the Minute men, only legally ARMED this time to protect no only the lives and property of Americans on our southern border, but to help forcibly stop the influx of illegal aliens, and  drug dealers, from overrunning our country? If Obama and Holder refuse to enforce the “settled laws” of our land then maybe it should be up to us to do it for them. We have the power in this country to make citizens arrest when we see our laws being broken and no law enforcement around. Can the right of SELF DEFENSE be considered vigilante activity if it is performed to protect the life and property of American citizens?

Oh by the way Mr Holder,  we, lawful gun owners would like to thank you for making the case of the importance of our Second Amendment rights so crystal clear to all of America. By you not making the black on white violence in this country a priority of law enforcement, you have shown how great the need for self protection is in this country, especially the need for concealed carry. A well trained person, with a legal CWL is able to stop situations that could result in the injury, or death of innocent persons. Our lives may not be that important to you black gentlemen in Washington, but they are to us. We will not allow fear to rule our lives, or our streets. You don’t have enough law enforcement personnel to protect the people in this country, and that’s the dirty little secret that you refuse to admit to the citizens of America, but then again, we already know that. Are you going to handle the situation Mr Obama, Mr Holder?, or do you need us to do it for you?

Republican Leadership??? Where?

Senators Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee were sent to Congress to help put a stop to Obama’s out of control government spending. His destruction of our quest for energy independence. His treasonous acts ( which, by the way, REALLY ARE treason) of giving financial and material aid to our enemies, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Al Queda. They were sent, as were a number of other, so called, “Tea Party believers” to some how stop, the most lied about, convoluted, UNCONSTITUTIONAL monstrosity of a piece of legislation ever to come out of Congress called OBAMACARE! It was forced through Congress without allowing any time for it to be read and digested by those who were supposed to be looking out for the people. The Republicans all voted NO, but were overridden by the Democrat majority in BOTH houses! Nancy ” the modern day equivalent of an SS women’s camp guard” said that Congress “had to pass it so that we could find out what was in it”?? I think Botox poisoning is responsible for her insanity, but that is only my guess.

Anyway Cruz, and Lee attempted to force the Democrats to get reasonable with the spending by  defunding Obamacare. Once again, Harry “The Evil Dwarf” Reid stepped in and derailed their attempts. Cruz then encouraged the Conservatives in the House of Representatives  to use their Constitutionally mandated power of ” the purse” ( control of government spending) to defund Obamacare, while funding the rest of the government! The Democrat?progressives, in both houses of Congress screamed bloody murder, along with their useful idiot propaganda branch ( formerly known as our “free press”) and did what they are good at…scaring the hell out of the low information voters in our country that if left unchecked, our government was going to DEFAULT, sending America, and the rest of the world careening into the giant abyss of economic destruction. Armed with pressure from political polls taken from the general public ( who displayed a remarkable ignorance of how our Constitution and government is SUPPOSED to work) the progressives finally scared the Republican leadership into negotiating with itself into surrendering.

Let’s NOT forget that Obama, and Harry Reid had told the Republicans upfront that there would be NO negotiations, nor COMPROMISE on either the full funding of Obamacare, the rest of the government, and a NO limit raise on the debt ceiling. or else the REPUBLICANS would be responsible for the government shutdown and DEFAULT for the first time in American history!! One major problem for the Democrats, if any of the public would have been interested in checking it out, the government had more than enough money coming in already to prevent default by about a 10 to 1 ratio! In other words, Obama, Reid, and the rest of the progressives LIED about the entire situation, along with too many of the talking heads on TV to give our spoiled brat president exactly what he wanted. Obama, and the rest of the progressives used language never before heard coming out of the hallowed halls of both houses of Congress towards Senators Cruz, and Lee. Conservative House members were raked over the coals by progressives of both parties for doing what the Constitution mandated that they do…be good stewards of the people’s money!

All it would have taken to defeat the progressives, Obamacare, and throwing us deeper in debt would have been Republican leaders to explain clearly to the American people what further spending of money we don’t have, and the implementation of Obamacare are about to do to our economy, and healthcare lives of our people. How many people are going to needlessly DIE to satisfy Obama’s ego and the reckless socialist agenda of the progressives in this country? I give Senators Cruz, and Lee, and all those who stood with them when they tried to do the RIGHT and CONSTITUTIONAL thing for the American people. To all those who vilified, condemned, threw mud, and stuck the knives of betrayal in their backs, enjoy your time in power because the aferlife is going to be hell!